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New Septic System Installation Costs

The first step after you know your septic system is failing is to have a soil scientist visit your property to determine what type of septic system will work.  Then you will need to have your system designed.   The system designer can greatly affect the cost of your system with the components they select for you to use.  Once your design has been approved by Hamilton County please contact us for a quote on the installation of your septic system.

1) Open Discharge System(NPDES)- $19,000-$25,000

An Open Discharge system is a relatively simple system consisting of a pipe leading from the house to the tank, with an aerator and UV light.  It is then either pumped or gravity fed to a creek, swale or storm drain. These systems are typically installed on small lots where a mound or leach field system will not fit or the soils are not suitable. This system will require a yearly service contract and water sampling.

2) Leach Field System- $19,000-$25,000

A Leach field is a relatively simple system consisting of a pipe leading from the house to the tank, and a branched pipe leading from the tank into the drain field.  These systems are typically installed on larger flat lots with good soil.  This is the cheapest system to maintain.

3) Mound systems- $30,000-$50,000

Mound systems are more expensive than the systems above due to the amount of components needed and material needed to build the mound.  Sand mounds are used when the soil is not deep enough for the installation of a replacement drain field.Sand mounds are an effective method for dealing with effluent, provided that the system is used properly.  This system will require a yearly service contract.


The amount of digging that needs to be done during the preparation phase should be considered when evaluating the overall price of the project. This work usually requires a fair amount of excavation and can affect landscaping. Homeowners should keep in mind that landscaping may need to be updated, replaced or repaired after the septic tank has been installed.
Excavation costs can range depending on the number of shrubs and plants that must be removed from the area, the specific type of machinery used for the excavation, the hardness of the soil, the quality of the terrain and so on. Typical costs for excavation can range from $1,200 – $4,500, but septic tank installers will wrap these costs into the total price of installation and therefore may offer the excavation at a lower rate.